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Heather Kogler

What classes and grade level(s) do you teach?

Middle School math, science and Bible


What do you love most about HCS?

The people! From students to parents to co-workers, the people form a sweet family unlike anywhere else! 


Why do you like teaching at HCS?

So many reasons! HCS is like a second family to me. It is where I have been stretched and learned how to be a teacher. I have been mentored by some of the best and love the teamwork that we have. The collaboration between teachers creates unique lesson plans and spurs us on to be our best. Our administration is supportive, yet pushes us to be our best selves. HCS truly is unique!


What is one word that best describes the school? Tell us why you chose that word.

innovation – not only do I think that is true of our curriculum it also describes the way we are looking for ways to show our students and families Christ’s love. 


How do you integrate faith and learning at HCS?

I look for opportunities to help see God and His truth in the things we are studying. From helping students understand the creation to purposefully helping students understand why Scripture is trustworthy, our faith is what makes getting an education at HCS distinctive. 


What is a unique experience, talent or interest that you bring to your classroom to help shape the learning experience of your students?

I love to read, and so I look for ways to help connect students to books that they may enjoy. I also love to travel and am loving sharing stories of my travels as I teach Earth Science to help make the textbook come alive. 


What sets HCS students apart from other students?

They learn to advocate for themselves, to take their education and make it their own.

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