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Becky Venanzi

What classes and grade level(s) do you teach?



What do you love most about HCS?

I love that we have the opportunity to share God’s love with our students. We are able to help them grow spiritually as well as academically.


Why do you like teaching at HCS?

I love that I am surrounded by coworkers that have the same beliefs as me. Also,the staff is always willing to help each other out wherever or whenever needed.


What is one word that best describes the school? Tell us why you chose that word.

Family: There is a sense of family at HCS. The teachers, parents, and students join together to love and care for one another. I keep in touch with many of my past students and families and just love that camaraderie.


How do you integrate faith and learning at HCS?

I try to integrate Bible stories across the curriculum. I love our Bible time each day and it is the favorite lesson for many of the children. I also love that I can start each day in prayer…I give the children time to pray each day so I am aware of their prayer requests and can bring them to the Lord during my prayer time.


What is a unique experience, talent or interest that you bring to your classroom to help shape the learning experience of your students?

My favorite subject to teach is writing and because I feel it is so important, I spend a lot of time developing writing skills with my students. The children have a sense of accomplishment when they take a story or poem from the rough draft to the final draft. I usually have the students share their stories with administration once or twice a year. The students love this time!!!


What sets HCS students apart from other students?

Because we have the opportunity to help our students grow spiritually as well as academically, I think our students are gracious individuals. When they graduate from HCS, they leave with a strong foundation that prepares them for the future.

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