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What other fees are required?

There are no additional fees for books, activities, or field trips. There is a yearly enrollment fee due in January and middle school students must purchase a Chromebook through the school for use during middle school. Also, students must wear school uniforms that can be purchased used from our PTF or new from our supplier (Vickie Marsha). If students decide to participate in middle school sports there is an athletic fee and our three large optional overnight trips (4th grade Sacramento, 6th grade Science Camp & 8th grade Washington D.C.) have additional fees.

Do parents have a fundraising requirement or service hour requirement?

We do not require parents to participate in fundraisers or do service hours. We have fundraising opportunities throughout the year, but they are entirely voluntary. Many parents also choose to help in the classroom and with school events, but it is not a requirement.

What discounts do you offer?

We offer a multiple child discount of $242 / per for each additional child enrolled at HCS.