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We Promote a Thriving Curiosity

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A Year You Don’t Want to Miss

Many of our students describe Kindergarten as one of their favorite years at Huntington Christian School. They’re introduced to a phonics-based reading program, the Bible, mathematics, and enrichment courses in music, physical education, computers, art, and the maker studio. What’s not to love?

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The Kindergarten Mission

Our mission is that every kindergartener leaves with a love for learning, the beginnings of a well-rounded education, and a heart for the Lord.

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A Classroom That Invites

We want our kindergarteners to look forward to coming to class. With classrooms packed full of exciting learning tools and teachers who love what they do, we’re confident that will be the case.

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What’s the benefit of the kindergarten phonics program at HCS?

We are thrilled to offer our kindergarten students the skills they need to sound out words phonetically. Our students will learn consonant sounds, short vowel sounds, special blends and long vowel sounds. They are empowered to dissect and sound out every word they encounter, and most become true readers by December of their kindergarten year.

How long is the kindergarten day?

Our kindergarten students attend class from 8:45am – 1:45pm.

Because your kindergarten is considered “academic”, does this mean that my child will sit at a desk all day?

You need not worry about your child sitting at a desk all day. Our kindergarten day is intentionally set up with the kindergarten attention span in mind. Students will move to different locations (class carpet, individual desk space, and small group settings) within their home classroom and travel to enrichment classes (music, art, computer, Maker Studio, PE) throughout the day/week. They will also have standard morning recess and lunch/recess time every day.

Experience HCS for yourself

Thriving students know how to give a warm welcome. Join us on campus and experience the Huntington Christian School difference.

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